As the years have passed, technology has helped many successful startups and one of them is the travel industry.

We all know online travel is increasingly competitive. Therefore, providing the best service and constantly updating new technologies as technology is changing day by day is a must for any online travel agent. But, how do you do this? What will you do to be successful? What is your competitive advantage? What opportunities will help you start a business?

For that reason, whether you are a newly established travel agency or you are planning an online travel business, it is essential to have your business presence online. You know what I'm talking about, right? Creating a great online travel booking website is the best idea I can think of for you, or you are considering building a travel website yourself. How To Start A Travel Booking Website With WordPress or How to make a travel blog if you are a beginner?

In this post, I will introduce to you a step to make a booking website for travel with WordPress without any technical expertise. Let’s discover it.

How To Start A Travel Booking Website With WordPress

How To Start A Travel Booking Website, How To Start A Travel Booking Website With WordPress

1. Select the right platform

The first and most obvious step when you are wondering How to start a travel booking website is to select the right platform. Yes, there are many platforms that you can choose from to build a travel booking website. But why should you build a website with WordPress? With all the reason that I have listed below, you can know why many enterprises or any business chooses to invest in building a WordPress website:

-         Are you want the freedom and flexibility to customize and have full and complete control over your website? The answer is total yes. gives you everything you want.

-         If you use other free blogging platforms, you might save a little money in the beginning. But they will not be able to provide you with any of the features or functionality needed to create a truly great online travel agency website. Therefore, a platform like will give you a lot of powerful features and functions and you will have full control over it.

-         It will save you from the hassles of coding, programming or design, while also helping you to manage your site's content and outlook in an extremely easy and simple way.

With all the reasons above, you can see why I have recommended you should WordPress as your future website platform. You have 100% control and ownership of your website. Besides, needless to say, it looks professional and your visitors will take you a lot more seriously.

How To Start A Travel Booking Website, select the right platform

2. Get your domain name

The next step of How To Start A Travel Booking Website is to get your domain name.

Are you wondering about choosing a domain name? If you are already an established company, you will most likely keep the company name as your website domain. However, if you are a new business and have yet to decide on the name of the company itself, you must take this step very seriously.

You can also choose your company name by optimizing it for a web presence. This makes even more sense in this day and age when much of your success in business depends on the success of your online presence. While choosing a company name can also be a great domain name, try to keep the following important points in mind:

Make it short and memorable: Choosing a short name that's easy to remember is more helpful than a long, complicated name. You can also choose to play words in a funny way to make them easier to remember.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers: Including hyphens and numbers in your site's name can be tricky. They create confusion because it needs to explain further to your potential visitor: whether the numbers in your name are spelling or symbols, or if you have a hyphen between the name.

Be Specific: Choose a specific name for the type of service you provide. Take the example of building a travel website, like, you can make a different variation like when selling Asian travel packages.

3. Get hosting and install WordPress

How To Start A Travel Booking Website, Get hosting and install WordPress

And, the following step of How To Start A Travel Booking Website is getting hosting and install WordPress. To be complete check and archive all of the information on your booking website, you have to do it on your hosting company, not on a free blogging platform like

You can start your new travel booking website by currently registering your existing domain name with any of the hosting services. Bluehost is currently one of the largest hosting companies in the world. In addition, you can also create a new domain when purchasing hosting services at this company.

While purchasing hosting, it is easy for you to install WordPress with one click on their server. You now have your own travel website and are ready to take advantage of the powerful features of WordPress to comfortably build your travel website.

4. Get a powerful travel WordPress theme for a travel agency website

Have you ever heard of "Love at the first sign"? It can be said that the interface of your travel agency website is one of the things that will make the first impression on customers. So, the fourth step of How To Start A Travel Booking Website is get for a travel agency website a powerful travel WordPress theme. Therefore, success or failure depends quite a lot on whether you choose the best travel WordPress theme for you. A theme template with an aesthetically pleasing interface, rich in functions and ensuring robustness and flexibility for your website.

There are many free and paid themes out there. However, if you are really serious about your business, don't hesitate to choose a premium travel WordPress theme.

One of the really powerful and best-selling themes today that I want to recommend to you is A Travel WordPress Theme for Travel Agency Website with Tour Booking System.

Remember what features you would like to have for your travel agency website. And all of those features - and more - are included with the Travel WordPress Theme. You can try out this DEMO of this theme here.

Besides, looking for more travel website templates? I have a collection of the Best WordPress Themes Tour Operator and Travel Agency that you don’t want to miss it.

You can check out the overview of How to install Pandora Travel WordPress Theme:

5. Add important features by installing the necessary plugin

How To Start A Travel Booking Website , Add important features by installing the necessary plugin

The final step of the journey of How To Start A Travel Booking Website is it’s time to add important features by installing the necessary plugin. There are tons of features of a travel website that can be integrated through WordPress plugins that integrate with the theme or easily compatible with travel themes. Therefore, you can completely install it later according to your needs.

You can refer to this best booking plugin WordPress - Tour Operator Pro plugin for a travel website. This plugin easily integrates with any travel WordPress theme. It will help you to have many powerful features to the website. In addition, this plugin allows you to create unlimited travel packages. Also, gives you full control over information like destination, itinerary, price, facilities, etc and automatically book your tour, saving you time and money. friend. Moreover, supporting a variety of services is provided by businesses and individuals providing online tour booking services through the website. With this plugin you can sell tours much more quickly, easily, and effectively.

In addition, many other travel agency websites have a complicated checkout process. But, you don't have to worry. This plugin has One page check out feature.  Your clients can book the tour with just one click to book and one page to fill in their information before checkout.

You can see the DEMO here or check out the overview of How to use Tour Operator Pro plugin


Hopefully, this article of How To Start A Travel Booking Website With WordPress has shown you how to build a travel website. One more time, Tour Operator Pro plugin is the best choice for you when you are planning to create a travel booking website with WordPress. You can check out the DEMO here.

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