WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world. It’s widely used by real estate agencies, realtors, and property management companies to showcase their listings and make more sales.

Launching a real estate website on WordPress is surprisingly simple. You don’t need to know any coding or have much technical knowledge besides basic web hosting. All you need is a few helpful real estate plugins to get started!

There are tons of great WordPress real estate themes you can set up with just a few clicks. But while these will make your site look pretty, you should think about the features on your website too.

That’s where real estate plugins can help. If you’re putting up a real estate website on WordPress or editing an existing site then you’ll probably find the CMSMART WordPress Real Estate Plugin here that can help.

What is the WordPress Real Estate Plugin?

To create a real estate website, you need to choose a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress. Unfortunately, the default functions of a WordPress site, might not be enough to launch a successful real estate business. To add custom functions and additional features to your real estate website, you must use a WordPress real estate plugin. Some plugins are available for free, while others have an annual or a monthly price tag. Every plugin is developed with a specific purpose in mind. So, if you want to build a great real estate website, using plugins specifically designed to develop real estate sites is the smartest choice.

WP Realtor is a powerful WordPress Real Estate Plugin that can help you create a real estate listing website. It’s fully customizable, compatible with all WordPress themes, and its premium features will enable you to create a feature-rich, high-performance, and customer-pleasing real estate listing website.

what is WP real estate plugin

WP Realtor I WordPress Real Estate Plugin could be downloaded for FREE at the below box. 

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Free Download

A powerful WordPress Real Estate Plugin with an attractive listing management system for different types of real estate businesses.


Why Would You Need A WordPress Real Estate Plugin?

Why Would You Need A WordPress Real Estate Plugin?

The Real Estate Industry is always lucrative to be part of and has constant business growth. However, there is a rise in demand for more properties, creating great competition among realtors.

Nowadays there are tons of property listing websites where people can put their homes up for sale or rent. Moreover, realtors who have their own sites are having to work hard to convince buyers to purchase the properties through them. It’s time when many realtors should look for something different to promote properties on their site in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

The good news is that, now, with advanced technology available that can allow you to stand out among other competitions on your WordPress site.

You could refer to this article which mentions Why you would need a WordPress Real Estate Plugin on real estate websites and How to Build a Real Estate Website from scratch.

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Overview

When buyers and prospective clients visit your real estate website, they expect to be able to search your available property listings. With WordPress Real Estate Plugin, website visitors can search specific criteria like property type, price, and square footage in a map or list view, all within your site. 

Some people might think that WordPress real estate plugin is something hard to use. However, in reality, WordPress Real Estate Plugin is easy to install and use because it does not require coding experience or knowledge about code. 

Let's dive deep into the capacity of this feature-rich and benefit-oriented Let's dive deep into the capacity of this feature-rich and benefit-oriented WordPress Real Estate Plugin!

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Benefits

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Benefits

In social 4.0 nowadays, everyone is looking for information on the internet, which helps to save time and money. Because of this reason, when building a real estate website, besides having a beautiful real estate theme, the user must integrate a WordPress real estate plugin for their website to attract the customer.

In reality, many WordPress real estate plugins are easy to find on the internet. However, we recommend the owners hire the company which develops the plugin to build the website or customize the plugin for their business in case they are not tech-savvy or need a unique WordPress real estate plugin. 

WordPress Real Estate Plugin has many features and functions that are suitable for online booking and for the customer. So, let's take a look at What is the Benefit that WordPress Real Estate Plugin brings for the users?

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Main Features

A WordPress real estate plugin must have many functions to adapt the research of the customer. More than that, real estate management is the main to combine with the real estate plugin. Specially, all plugins are used for the customer, which means the plugin must be affordable options and menus with the main feature, which is friendly- user and easy to choose and manage all appointments and schedules all in one place.

Here are some recommended Key Features For Building A Real Estate Agent Website

Now, let’s take a look at WordPress Real Estate Plugin main features to find out what this plugin could do for your website. 

Compatible With All WordPress Themes: You might already have a website. Changing the look of the website to list real estate listings might confuse your visitors. With WordPress Real Estate Plugin, you don’t have to do so. The plugin is compatible with almost all WordPress themes so that you can use the enhanced features of the plugin on your current website.

Compatible With All WordPress Themes

In case you face any troubles after installing WordPress Real Estate Plugin, feel free to contact our support team for advice!

Compatible with Elementor: Elementor is one of the most advanced frontend drag & drop page builders which allows you to create a high-end, pixel perfect website at record speeds.

Compatible with Elementor

Fully responsive with all modern browsers and devices: WordPress Real Estate Plugin has a user-friendly interface that can easily adapt to multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

 Fully responsive

Create & Manage Real Estate Listings: Create, manage, and display real estate listings on your WordPress website. These can be searched, filtered, and mapped on other pages.

Create & Manage Real Estate Listings 

Browse listings by category: Highlight the best of your properties by using the List Category shortcode. You can list categories, types, cities, areas, and states.

 Browse listings by category

Real Agencies Listings: WordPress Real Estate Plugin has full agency and broker support built-in. You can create multiple agencies and assign brokers to them. Each listing can have an associated broker with them. If the broker is part of an agency, that can be displayed with the listing as well.

Real Agencies Listings 

Advanced Search and Filter: Real estate listings can swell to a large number making them cumbersome to navigate. An advanced search and filter feature is an answer to that problem.

Advanced Search and Filter 

Show Property Listing Details: With WordPress Real Estate Plugin, you can capture a large amount of information with each listing. You can then display this information to the potential buyer. Purchasing or renting a property is not a small decision, and displaying useful information to a potential buyer helps close the sale.

Show Property Listing Details

Features and Image Gallery: Apart from the type of listing, there are many details about the property itself, you can also upload pictures of the property and display them with the listing using the built-in gallery feature.

 Features and Image Gallery

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Tutorial

Below are the user guides on how to install the WordPress Real Estate Plugin and the configuration of the main features. 

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Installation

Installing WordPress Real Estate Plugin is very easy by following 3 main steps as below

  • Step 1- Install plugin: Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin. Choose a file of this plugin to upload and install the file.
  • Step 2 - Active plugin: After installing the plugin, you change the status of the plugin to a working state so you can use it.
  • Step 3- Add information: Add real estate information and gallery as you want for your customer. 


 WordPress Real Estate Plugin Technical Support

After downloading our FREE WordPress Real Estate Plugin, if you face any troubles or need technical support from our developer team, please kindly submit a support ticket for help. You could follow these steps to create a support ticket. 

  • Step 1: Go to your CMSMART Dashboard -> choose Download Tab.

  • Step 2: On Download Dashboard, find FREE Responsive Admin Theme Download box -> click on the Support Ticket button.

  • Step 3: Input your website URL, FTP, Cpanel...and describe your issue in detail (the more detailed it is, the easier it is for us to help you). Click on the Save button and wait for the reply from our developer team. 

support ticket

Each account could create a maximum of 5 support tickets at the same time. To make it easy for our developers to support you, please kindly write down one issue in each support ticket only. Our developers will answer your support ticket within 24 hours (at weekends or holidays, the answer time could be a little bit longer). 

For each issue that you confirm the problem is solved, we will close that support ticket. Then, you could open a new one if your total support tickets already reach 5. 

If you could not submit a support ticket, please leave a comment below or contact us at [email protected]

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Integration And Customization

Making your real estate site stand out among the competitors is not going to be easy.

When building a real estate site, it is very important not to miss crucial things. A well-thought-out website structure will attract and keep more visitors. The combination of a great real estate theme and a useful real estate WordPress plugin is a powerful weapon that will keep your real estate website going strong for a long time.

CMSMART is a real estate website design company with many years of experience in this field. Let us help you in creating an individual proper Real estate website in an instant.  

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Installation and Setup Services

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Installation and Setup Services

Even an experienced WordPress user needs some time to take a closer look at a new plugin, no matter how easy-to-use it is. If you have no time and want your website to be configured quickly, let our dedicated support team help you. 

We will install and configure the plugin and theme you purchased. As result, your website will look exactly like the demo website.

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Customization Service

WordPress Real Estate Plugin Customization Service

Using WordPress Real Estate Plugin you may need some adjustments and customizations to make your real estate website meet your demands absolutely. With CMSMART Customization service you can order anything: from a slight design change to custom widgets and features. We know the code of our plugins the best and you can be sure that our developers will do this job much better than anybody else!

Real Estate API Development and Integration Services

Real Estate API Development and Integration Services

As a leading API development company, CMSMART offers profound API integration solutions exclusively for realtors. Our seasoned developers have in-depth knowledge of integrating APIs for MLS and IDX listings, property values, rent estimates, investment estimates, neighborhood safety, mortgage calculation, and much more.

MLS/IDX Development and Integration Services

MLS/IDX Development and Integration Services

CMSMART is a full-service real estate web development company that will assist you in leveraging all the benefits of IDX and MLS. We can help to build awareness for your online real estate business and grab the attention of potential buyers by integrating features such as advanced property search, map, and polygon search. Lead generation forms, SMS autoresponder, email marketing automation, and more.

Custom WordPress Real Estate Website

Custom WordPress Real Estate Website

Our team is confident to take on projects of any complexity and scale. We will produce a WordPress real estate website that will meet your requirements 100%.

Firstly, you need to provide us with full detailed specifications and learn about project stages, what you really want to see on your website, how it should look, and work in the result. Then, we will make a list of all features your website should have, discuss how agents, listings, and home buyers parts will work. At the end of this stage, you get mockups with comments and a list of features to be developed.

How Could CMSMART Support You

Building a real estate website is a wise move for any agency. It serves as a powerful marketing outlet that generates new leads, converts them to clients, and lends trust and credibility to a real estate business.

Whether you’re a realtor or a developer, it’s important to have an understanding of how you can build the most effective and useful WordPress site for your needs. WordPress is an incredible framework for most website builds, as it’s extremely flexible, functional, and easy to use.

Every real estate website should allow home buyers and other participants of the “game” to search for a property in a fast and convenient way and get detailed listings accompanied by high-resolution images, quality videos, and maps. They should also be able to evaluate their preferred property immediately, learn what other clients think about the company, and easily contact an agent.

If you think big, though, and want to get real value from your site, go down the custom development path. You will have a unique-looking resource tailored to your precise business requirements, which you control from A to Z.

Here, at CMSMART, we tend to adopt the most efficient tech-enabled solutions for building a full system that helps our clients draw new customers and boost profits. If you’re thinking of building a real estate website from square one or by using WordPress, CMSMART developers are always happy to offer you their unbeaten expertise. 

Take your business to the next level with our assistance. Let’s discuss your ideas today at [email protected]!