Real estate statistics reported by the city that Los Angeles has a record number of 39,307 active real estate agents. Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix are near the top with more than 20,000 real estate agents working.

And if you have got a substandard real estate agent website that you haven’t put much thought into, you are missing out on a remarkable revenue stream to your competitors. We know you don't have a lot of experience in real estate website design so you're just creating a basic website with a few images and leaving it. But, it's really not as difficult as you thought to create a great real estate website to attract potential customers. If you have any difficulty working with your website, do not hesitate to share with us at the support team. Or you can read 7 Easy Tips For Realtors To Improve A Real Estate Agent Website.

7 Easy Tips For Realtors To Improve A Real Estate Agent Website

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1. Start a blog

You will hardly be able to get leads from your real estate agent website if you are not getting traffic. And one of the easy ways to get massive traffic is by providing content that is engaging with the people who visit your website.

According to a study from Hubspot, you could get up to 55% more leads if you have a blog than if you don't, (on the condition that if you blog once or twice a month.)

So what should you write?

What do customers really care about your website? You can turn customer questions into website posts and answer those questions. Or hot news about the real estate market, ...

You can also reach out to other real estate professionals you connect with and invite them to post as guests on topics they’re interested in. This doesn't just help with credibility but also help you take a little bit of the burden off of yourself.

2. Provide step-by-step guides to buying a home

Creating easy step-by-step instructions on the home buying process will help keep their mind at ease. You can use the above tip to create posts or shopping process guide videos. Therefore, it is almost like being right next to the customer guiding them through the entire purchase process.

Or you can simplify the buying process by integrating a real estate WordPress plugin in case you use a WordPress platform.

Real Estate – a powerful real estate property management plugin from CMSmart that helps you manage your real estate website effectively. Have you tried this Real Estate WordPress plugin yet? If not, you can visit the product DEMO here to experience its features.

3. Avoid excessive ads and pop-ups

Did you know that 68% of searchers want to blocks sites in search results because of too many ads?

real estate agent website

Source: Search Engine Land

That doesn’t mean you should completely stop using ads and pop-ups. They are still a great way to capture more emails that could turn into sales. But remember, not too much.

Or, I can recommend a free tool from Leadee Ai – A social proof software tool, which is called Leadflows. It allows you to set the frequency of pop-ups on your site, such as the first time a visitor arrives on the site or when the visitor shows signs of leaving, small pop-ups appear with an attractive offer like 20% OFF for First Order.

real estate agent website

4. Active Share Buttons On Your WordPress Real Estate Sites

The majority of online shoppers also use at least one platform of social media. Therefore, you can utilize these buttons to create a free promotion for your real estate agent website. Social buttons are also convenient for users who want to share information/posts/property to their social media or their friends by removing the extra steps of copying, pasting, and posting to a separate website.

5. Optimize your site for mobile-friendly

Google changed their algorithm to rank mobile-friendly sites high than those that aren’t. That also means you will get more traffic if you optimize your site for mobile.

You can access Google’s mobile-friendly test to check out your real estate agent website.

Another option is to use responsive real estate WordPress themes and plugins. It automatically makes your content mobile-friendly and visitors can access any browsers on their smartphones

6. Combine testimonial on your real estate agent website

Why testimonials are so effective?

You should consider the following statistics:

  • First, 72% of people who responded to the survey said that positive reviews and testimonials helped them to trust a business significantly more.
  • According to one study, regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate about 62% more revenue. It’s not only from every customer but every time they visit your brand.
  • 92% of customers said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase.
  • Over 80% of consumers said that they trusted these reviews the same as personal recommendations, according to the same study.

That’s why potential customers will get more motivated to reach out to your agents if your real estate agent website is filled with trusted reviews.

7. Speak Google’s language

People use Google to find their homes, so you need to make your site Google-friendly in order to be found on search engine result pages by prospective home-buyers.

So, technical SEO was born to accommodate your needs. Technical SEO is the processing of making sure your site is compatible with search engine tips. The most important purpose of testing search engine marketing techniques is to evaluate your website's current search engine optimization capabilities and determine what factors you want to improve.

Technical search engine marketing services

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Meta Data Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Migration

If you want to improve your website performance and capture more leads and traffic, you can use Cloodo’s services. Share your project now with Cloodo at [email protected].

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There are many ways to take your business’s growth and stand out from the crowd.

Do you have a real estate agent website with well traffic-wise? We would love to hear your tips.

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