Whether you created your own event website from scratch, or it's on a page of your company website, or you've created a simple sign-up site using event management software. Just having an event website is not enough if your potential attendees are not widely accessible! Meaning you want to use the platform so that your guests could register, communicate with the event team, or pay their attendance fees.

Nowadays, New webpages appear every day faster than mushrooms after rain. Whether you are finding how to get more organic traffic or how to get free traffic, there are many techniques to help your event registration website become popular with users. So, in this post, I want to present to you How To Get More Organic Traffic to Your Event Registration Website. Let's explore it in the article below.

How To Get More Organic Traffic To Your Event Registration Website

Step 1: Create an event registration website before the event

The first step of how to get more organic traffic to your event registration website, you should create an event website before the event.

How long should you create an event registration website before it happens? 

The number one mistake for event planners is to launch their event registration website about four or five months before the event. If your purpose is to use the site as a registration and information platform, then you can simply create an event website right before it happens.

But if you want to get more users to know you and you want to use your website as a marketing tool then you should spend about 1 year promoting your event.

If you haven’t owned an event registration website yet, in the past, I mentioned how to create an event website, which you can read it by clicking on How to create an event registration website with WordPress.

You can check out the overview of how to create an event registration website:


Besides, short-term pages don’t work from an SEO perspective either. You need more time to rank your event website on search engine results page and appear in specific keyword searches. And then, you also need more months to ensure you can drive high volume of traffic.

Step 2: Get a WordPress event management plugin

Need to sell event tickets? Do you want your website to display complete information about event photos, details, maps, online booking combined with payment methods? To answer the question How to get more organic traffic, you need a WordPress event management plugin. If you are looking for the best WordPress event ticket plugin, you can investigate on our WPEvent - Woocommerce Event Tickets plugin.

WPEvent is one of the easy to use and feature-rich WordPress event management plugins. We see it working for those who want to own a professional and user-friendly website. 

WPevent has an intuitive user interface, with powerful and necessary features and some great support for one-off and repeatable events. You will find a number of premium features for purchase with this event management plugin. This plugin offers you flexibility to create, manage and categorize events on your website. Moreover, it supports a wide variety of services provided by businesses. With this plugin, you can manage your services quickly and easily without any hassles. 

What benefits you can receive when using this Woocommerce events plugin?

  • Unlimited Event Ticket & Ticket

  • WooCommerce & Payment Gateway

  • Event Date, Location, Attendees

  • Recurring Event, Event Reminder & SMS

  • Advanced Event Management Panel

  • Compatible with Any WP themes

  • Sync with Google Calendar

See more essential and functional features of this Woocommerce event tickets plugin by accessing the DEMO.

Step 3: Identify your target group

There are thousands of event websites out there on the internet. So, considering this, you must ask yourself what will not only attract people's attention to your event website but also make them want to comeback. Therefore, identify your target group is the next step of how to get more organic traffic to your event registration website.

Firstly, identify your target audience:

  • Who are those prospective attendees?

  • What is their profile?

  • What are their key emotional drives?

Secondly, find out what their most burning pains are?

Finally, create content that will offer them solution, valuable insights and quick wins. 

And from now, you are not only picture customer insight but also show your interest in helping your target audience, which increases the attractiveness of both your web page and event. 

Step 4: Using social media

How to get more organic traffic? Using social media can be a great way to drive a huge volume of traffic. Based on statistics of the total number of visits to the website, Social Media is currently one of the top three factors attracting the top traffic for the Website. In fact, many marketers have taken advantage of ways to increase social traffic as a key environment to "pull" traffic higher than search engines like google.

However, in order for Social Media to always operate effectively, your business needs to have more creative advertising campaigns, targeting the needs of your audience. If you do these things well, you can completely increase the traffic of users accessing the website through Social Media.

Some of the most popular social media you should take advantage of: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Step 5: Know the latest SEO rules

The next step of How to get more organic traffic is that you must know the latest SEO rules.

Everything is not about keywords anymore. Google has gotten smarter, so should you. A year or two ago, Google launched RankBrain, a machine learning system that will sort search results

According to SEO expert - Brian Dean, RankBrain focuses on how long someone spends on your page (Time on page) and the percentage of people who click on your results (Click-through rate).

In other words, instead of cramming your articles with lots of keywords, you (or your writers) will really have to focus on creating high-quality content that people will love. Since Google has changed the rules of the game, work to produce and publish articles people will really want to read.

Besides, if you have difficulty optimizing your website or need technical SEO services, we provide SEO service packages with many incentives for you. You can reference our fan page:https://www.facebook.com/Cloodo-Get-Projects-104627688065773. Please share your project at [email protected]. We are happy to help you increase your volume of traffic.

Step 6: Promote your event website wisely

Are you just have one event website and wait for people to find you, then you probably don't. That is why you may also want guest posting on other pages. After launching your event website (and your blog), find a bunch of websites (related to your event content) with high traffic and offer to write them. Guaranteed top-notch document delivery, this will increase your chances of getting published and grabbing the attention of potential new visitors.


The above is How to get more organic traffic for the event registration website introduced by CMSmart to support the traffic process more effectively. Once the above activities are applied well, it will bring your website sustainable and quality organic traffic.

If you have any questions about creating an event website, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are ready to answer all of your questions.

Thank you and best regards.