Your hotel website is your online brand home. The hotel website works to create an enjoyable experience for site visitors who might be interested in staying in your hotel. The website should broadcast your brand and entice visitors to book a stay at your hotel.

  • A hotel website will include a variety of different features. You will want to include pages and information such as:
  • An information page that helps to showcase your rooms. Beautiful pictures and appealing views can help customers envision themselves at the hotel.
  • A booking option. Allow customers to quickly and easily book a stay at the hotel directly on the website.
  • Information about your amenities. Customers want to know what they can access when staying at your hotel, such as a well-reviewed restaurant or a relaxing, luxurious spa. Use pictures and engaging text to paint them a picture.
  • Pages dedicated to the special events hosted at your hotel. If you regularly host weddings, business retreats, or other special events, make a portion of your site specifically dedicated to these events so customers can find the information they need to see the success others have had.

The website should focus on communicating your brand and leaving a lasting, positive impression on the customer. Luxury hotels, for example, will want to include imagery, language, and pictures that create a relaxing, luxurious feel. Your website is your home on the web and you want to invite customers to come and see what you have to offer.