Hotel website design includes the layout, text, and visuals that you use on your hotel’s website to attract and engage potential customers. A quality website design will encourage those looking for a hotel to engage with your material and book a stay at your hotel when traveling to the area.

Hotel website design will need to consider the goals and behaviors of typical customers. Customers who visit hotel websites through mobile devices continue to increase with each passing year, indicating the importance of making sure that site design is mobile friendly.

Businesses also need to make sure that some of the most important information is easily visible for customers from the moment they click onto the site. This includes:

  • The business contact information, including the address and the phone number
  • Easy navigation so that customers can find booking calendars, rates, and images of rooms without any difficulty
  • Brand imagery and information about amenities that make it clear the type of experience customers can expect to have the hotel
  • Information about nearby attractions and points of interest that customers might appreciate

Hotel website design should focus on providing accessibility and clarity for anyone interested in booking a stay in their area. This means also paying attention to loading rates. Although graphics and images play important roles in communicating with potential customers, making sure that the load time doesn't slow down is an important part of hotel website design.