If you have a hotel booking business and are planning to expand your services internationally, there is no better way than to do it online.

According to Hotel Business, nearly 84% of travelers book their flights and hotels through sites like Kayak or Expedia

Therefore, you will need to know how to create a hotel website that captures the attention of your target market and drives bookings.

Today, with modern tools and techniques, you can create a website in just a few hours (if not minutes). Using them, you can now also create awesome WordPress hotel booking websites. Even if you're not a programmer or don't know much about coding skills, you can create websites with amazing features and utilities.

If you have any problems while creating a website, you can contact our support team for help.

And, here are some of the must-have features for your WordPress hotel booking website that you need to know to grab the attention of your target audiences and drive your bookings. Check it out now.

Must have features you really need on your WordPress hotel booking website

1. Seeing is Believing

WordPress hotel booking

As the owner of the hotel, you are not merely providing the room, but you are providing the guest experience.

Since guests cannot come to your hotel experience directly, they need a tool that can convey the hotel's amenities and spaces. It is pictures and videos.

According to Fredericgonzalo, they found that 53% of TripAdvisor users wouldn't book a hotel without reviews, but it seems the photos have a stronger impact.

In fact, compared to hotels with no photo:

  • Properties with at least one photo have 138% increase in travel engagement
  • Hotels with more than 100 photos noticed a + 151% increase in travel engagement
  • Properties with more than 1,000 photos noticed a + 203% increase in travel engagement

That’s why you should utilize the visual content for your WordPress hotel booking website.

2. Responsive Design

WordPress hotel booking

Responsive hotel website design is a web design approach that renders a website well across a wide range of devices, windows, or screen sizes.

With the current technological development era, the Internet is not limited to desktops and laptops. So, it is important to make your hotel web mobile-friendly. According to new research conducted by Google in partnership with PhocusWright, 48% of consumers say they feel comfortable researching, bookinghotel, and planning their entire travel experience on mobile devices.

Additionally, more than 70 percent of US travelers “always” use their mobile devices when traveling, searching for directions, booking experiences near their hotels, and more.

When customers pre-book more travel experiences on a mobile device, they interact with brands that make it easiest for them to do so. That’s why, making your site features compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms can expand your audience.

Furthermore, optimize your hotel website so that you allow it to load within 3 seconds for the privacy of your visitors. Having a mobile-friendly and optimized website will also improve your rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

That's all why, if you don't have a responsive website design, your website doesn't allow equally easy use on any device, you could potentially lose these potential visitors.

3. Easy Contact & Online Booking Options

Your WordPress Hotel booking site is only really useful when it has the potential to convert from searcher to booker. Give your visitors the ability to make online bookings with an easy button to redirect visitors to the booking page.

An online booking tool that allows customers to book and pay with just a few clicks. This simplification will make customers feel more comfortable with the experience of booking on your website. In addition, this booking tool allows displaying a list of room sales packages of all types of rooms in the hotel, so that customers can choose the room type that suits their needs.

To help hotels increase revenue significantly and effectively, CMSmart launched a WordPress Hotel Booking plugin.

WordPress Hotel Booking plugin

Some of the highlight features help customers get the best experience when making a booking at your website and to help the hotel maximize revenue effectively.

  • Save and check information of orders and customers
  • Easily Booking just one click
  • Unlimited the number of hotels
  • Presentation facilities: Amenities, Image Gallery, Rates, Extra Services, tag
  • Different types of method payment: Paypal and Banktransfer
  • Integrated google map
  • Filter hotel by check-in, check out, address keyword, rating, room type, max adult, max child.

Furthermore, you can even incorporate a chatbot to attract visitors. A 2018 survey found that 82% of online reservations were completed without human interaction. Furthermore, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas reported a 30% increase in revenue through customers interacting with their chatbot.

4. Location Pins & Directions

How can customers find out where your hotel is located?

Having a map showing your hotel exact location helps visitors to locate it easily. And of course, these features also include in our hotel booking wordpress plugin.

And, you can visit WP hotel booking plugin DEMO for a better experience.

5. Direct Booking Call-To-Action (Cta)

The ultimate purpose of the hotel website is to create direct bookings.

At any given time while a user is exploring your site, a "Book now" button will be displayed.

Make your Call To Action button clear and make it stand out by using contrasting colors.

6. Event Calendars

Are you planning to hold special events or activities on a special occasion? And you want your customers to know about it? You can inform customers by giving an overview of these events. You can use WPEvent - Woocommerce Event Tickets.

I have presented the benefits of using WPEvent - Woocommerce Event Tickets. You can check out the DEMO here for more information.

See more: How to Create an Event Registration Website With WordPress

7. Hotel Amenities

WordPress hotel booking

If you already have it, flaunt it!

Engage your potential visitors by displaying all the amenities on your website Showcase all you have to offer such as meeting rooms, weddings, swimming pools, etc. will help recommend your hotel as the best place to stay! According to Little Hotelier, 77% of travelers say amenities play a decisive role in the hotel booking process, so go ahead and show them what you have!

8. Social Validation

Social media platforms are another powerful tool to get your hotel in the spotlight. In addition to making social media links available on your website, you should include testimonials and testimonials.

96% of travelers choose a hotel after reading online reviews. To assist them in this task, you can compile lots of feedback, review critiques or praise and host it on your website. Remember that anything too good to be true can cause suspicion. So maintain transparency and honesty by including negative comments while responding to them professionally.

Four out of five guests believe a hotel that responds to guest reviews is more welcoming to guests. A little effort on your part will make your guests feel heard and appreciated, and that can take a long time.

9. Web Analytics & Tracking

It is important to monitor the performance of your hotel website. Google's Analytics Tracking Tool will give you insight into the effectiveness of your existing marketing strategies. It also collects information related to visitor demographics, such as age, location, etc., which can be very important in understanding your audience base. With this data, you will be able to create highly effective campaigns.

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With the features and facilities mentioned above, you can create a user-friendly and efficient WordPress Hotel Booking website

If you have any problem with creating a WordPress Hotel Booking website or install a WordPress Hotel Booking plugin, feel free to contact out support team. We are willing to answer all of your questions.

Thank you and best regards.