We design and develop hotel websites that deliver outstanding results and generating more leads, ensuring more direct bookings for your hotel, minimising your costs from OTAs.

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  • Aug 21, 2021

Who loves WP Hotel Website Development?

Stand out from others in your industry with a new updated, modern and mobile-optimized hotel website. We take care of everything from hotel website design to hosting.

Hotel Web Development To Turn Lookers Into Bookers

Each of our hotel websites is designed with your target audience in mind to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. We can manage the whole process for you, from UX-focused wireframe design to development and testing, or if you already have designs, we can complete the CMS integration for you to streamline your internal processes.

Additional Hotel selling channel

Additional Hotel selling channel

Naturally having a hotel website helps to sell more. Not only do websites attract a new audience, but also help to show off your hotel, your offering, your values, and your staff. WP hotel website platform can be integrated with the CRS and booking engine, saving you hours of admin work and enabling your hotel to better convert lookers to bookers

No additional booking fees

No additional booking fees

In order to post accommodation on third-party hotel booking marketplaces, it is usually required to pay service fees. These fees vary from platform to platform. Attracting clients through your own hotel booking platform saves money at least by not paying any commission fees to third-parties.

Reducing booking misunderstandings

Reducing booking misunderstandings

Using your own hotel booking website, you eliminate the chance of double bookings. Everything is centralized and structured in one system. By having an online hotel booking website you will be able to transfer your offline business online. This kind of digital transformation has touched all industries.

Website Maintenance Made Easy

Website Maintenance Made Easy

WP Hotel is built on Open Source CMS for full flexibility and hotel content customisation, the power is in your hands to do as much or as little as you like with your hotel brand new site. You’ll receive a full training session from our team to get you UP to speed.

Operation Analytics & Tracking

Operation Analytics & Tracking

Stay on target with your hotel KPIs – receive new goals and up-to-date reporting on a regular basis, merchandising features like live rates and OTA price comparisons help optimize user experience and conversion rates, while full API connections to PMS mean you can dynamically update rates, special offers, and room types on the website.

Full control of your hotel online

Full control of your hotel online

Enjoy full ownership and control of your website at no extra cost, with the option of a free SiteMinder domain. Get a website that looks professional, without the hassle of finding and managing web developers and uncertainty of costs.

Want to boost your online sales?

Want to boost your online sales with a unique hotel website

WP Hotelier | WordPress Hotel Booking Solution Workflow

Key features of WP Hotelier | WordPress Hotel Booking Solution

The following features will help you better understand our products

Special feature of WP Hotelier | WordPress Hotel Booking Solution

The following features will help you better understand our products



  • WordPress Hotel Booking plugin is an all-in-one property management suite for rental property websites.
  • List unlimited accommodations and services which is perfect for running any hospitality business establishment regardless of the size, function or cost: a hotel, vacation rental, apartments agency, hostel and more.
  • Fits in your webpage design with any WP Hotel Booking plugin will use the style of your theme
  • Integrate WP shortcodes or blocks to your own theme pages and maintain the harmony in your website
  • Smooth booking process from accommodation search to booking confirmation
  • Let them choose the way they pay: you can enable different payment option (deposit or full-amount) and different payment methods 


  • Your WP Hotel Websitie can integrate with a hotel booking plugin is an all-in-one plugin for managing an unlimited number of bookings effortlessly.
  • The hotel booking engine on website includes an online availability calendar, flexible booking rules, custom rates, seasonal rates, and transparent pricing with taxes and fees.
  • Hotel Booking conducts automatic synchronization with external online travel platforms so that you will never get overbooked.
  • Hotel Booking features popular payment gateways, like PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, and Beanstream/Bambora, so visitors can easily make reservations.
  • You also have the unique possibility to sell extra services whenever you want on the website.



  • Mobile-friendly property search form
  • Can create custom fields on the search from
  • Allows front-end visitors to book multiple properties at once
  • Can create coupons to promote a property
  • SMS Gateways for automated notifications
  • Registration functions: check-in, check-out, no-show
  • Custom Options, Extra Services, Extra Fees
  • Add, Remove or Switch rooms from existing bookings
  • Multi-language support with built-in translation functions


  • We’ll build an industry-leading website that works for you and, most importantly, for your guests. 
  • Your website’s design and content must perfectly match the expectations of your guest.
  • We can suggest your to use WP Theme for Your Hotel Website in case your want to save cost of development
  • We’ll map out the many and varied user journeys through your website, across multiple devices, and take time to consider all the functionality needed. 
  • We can design beautiful on-brand design, industry-leading performance and effortless user experiences hotel website layout. 
  • We take care of user behaviours, typography, the optimal amount of white space, the precise placing of calls to action, colour psychology;

Hotel Booking Calendar Availability

Hotel Booking Calendar Availability

  • Full calendar will help you to manage pricing based on dates months weeks
  • You can also setup availablilty from different dates to days along with half full and partical availability feature offer realtime bookings only on your website and avoid any double booking suppliers hotel
  • Enable guests to check the availability of individual properties right on the website. 
  • The Hotel Booking plugin retrieves availability data in real-time for the common search form as well as for the individual property availability calendars.
  • Users can view color coded overview daily monthly availability calendar with full pricing and details page including special dates and available prices.
    The status colors will show available and unavailable days.

Hotel Facilities & Hotel Amaenity

  • The system allowing guest to make their reservation of rooms with hotel room details, description, map, facilities, and photo gallery.
  • Offer additional guest services such as spa, airport-to-hotel delivery, a swimming pool, childcare, etc. that guests can add to their reservation on the checkout page.
  • Set the service price to be charged per stay, daily or let the guest choose.
  • Per-accommodation and per-guest prices can also be configured.
  • Compex Rates Based on Property Facilities. Maintain fenced rates for the same accommodation types with different options: nonrefundable and non-cancelable reservations, advanced amenities, breakfast, private bathroom, and more.

Hotel Facilities & Hotel Amaenity
Flexible Rate & Inventory Management

Flexible Rate & Inventory Management

  • Drive reservations from price-conscious, last-minute travellers with promotions, urgency messages and promo codes
  • Flexible date calendar and Enable multi-room bookings under one reservation.
  • Regulate your property rates within any custom period: low and high seasons, holiday periods, etc.
  • Set any prices in the preferable currency depending on a season or specific days/dates. 
  • The accommodation rate can be changed automatically depending on the number of guests.
  • Create different price points based on the length of stay – add weekly, monthly or other rates for any custom duration.&

Build a Bookable Multiple Properties Portal

  • The new distribution management standard for modern hotel groups and chains.
  • Manage multiple properties and want to give guests better sorting options to find the most appropriate offers on the spot
  • Just add any number of custom search fields (filters) to the search availability form (location, accommodation types, price range, etc.) in the booking widget and make the search a lot more convenient to the guest.
  • One guest can reserve multiple accommodations during one booking placement. You may also turn on the WP hotel booking plugin to recommend the best set of accommodations according to the number of guests.
  • Enable multi-room bookings under one reservation. Custom Fields for Advanced Property Search

Build a Bookable Multiple Properties Portal
iCal Channel Management to Sync with OTAs

iCal Channel Management to Sync with OTAs

  • Automate work with 102 channels with one system
  • Maximize accommodation, yet avoid overbooking and negative guest experiences. Save time managing all them individually
  • Grow your hotel or vacation rental business with more channels yet avoid overbooking! The plugin can synchronize the availability and bookings submitted through your website with those from online travel platforms like Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, or any other that supports iCal.
  • The plugin generates unique calendars to export to external online channels and provides a way to import them from OTAs. Enjoy an automatic, near real-time synchronization (sync it as frequently as every half hour).

Accept Payments Online or After Arrival

  • Allow guests to book directly on your official website.
  • Streamline your payments process with a seamless and secure, PCI compliant payment gateway. 
  • Accept your guests’ preferred payment methods and give guests the confidence to book with a simple step-by-step checkout experience.
  • Confirm booking requests in the dashboard or instantly via email / upon payment.
  • Charge a full price or deposit (fixed/percentage).
  • Accept booking payments via built-in PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, or Beanstream/Bambora gateways.
  • Let guests pay after arrival or via a direct bank transfer.

Accept Payments Online or After Arrival


CMSMART’s in-house agency offers full website design and development services, along with ongoing maintenance and digital marketing specialized for hotels. Our team works hand-in-hand with your distribution and revenue management teams to help your hotel maximize performance on your direct channel.

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