When creating a travel or hotel website, you need a booking system. But you don't necessarily need to own a hotel, because you can be an affiliate and earn revenue.

There are two ways to start a hotel booking site. The first option is to select a custom WordPress theme that is created for hotel sites. The other choice is to select any WordPress theme you like and add the booking functionality via a plugin.

It's a good idea to use a plugin because you will be able to change your website theme whenever you want without affecting your booking system.

In this post, we would like to introduce Top 5 WordPress Hotel Booking plugins that you shouldn't miss. With our list of WordPress hotel booking plugins, it will help you get your hotel booking website up and running within minutes.

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1. Benefits of having a WordPress hotel booking plugin for your hotel website

WordPress hotel booking

Less work for the office

When guests book themselves, the reservation just shows up in your system with all the details intact, so all you have to do is be ready for them to arrive when the time comes. This gives your receptionist more time to do their other jobs. Reduce the chance of your booking being lost or damaged. Human trustworthiness is a much less important factor when customers give their own dates and specifications. That way, if something goes wrong, you have data to prove it's not your business's fault. You can still provide them with a solution, but your reputation is protected.

Easy data collection

The online booking system provides a large amount of data about guests right into your system: how many guests are traveling, when they arrive, what amenities they like, where they live, etc. It is very helpful that you need to know and will help you improve both customer service and marketing.

Simplified reward management

Loyalty programs work and you can leave a lot of money if you don't use them. A good booking system allows you to track a customer's stay and reward them accordingly, keeping them in the long term.

Top 5 WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins in 2022

1. WP HOTEL - WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin 

WordPress Hotel Booking

As a scalable and feature-rich plugin which is crafted by talented developers, this plugin is high-rated as the top of the best WordPress hotel booking plugins for hotel website. This plugin is suitable for hotel, hostel, cabin, resort, villas, apartment rental services. 

No need for too much coding experience, you can easily set up this plugin. Another cool feature of this plugin is its room management. There's so much flexibility in the booking types you can offer your visitors from entire blocks to single rooms. You can set up custom pricing plans and offer special deals through coupons. Furthermore, it also gives you the ability to generate codes for different hotels.

Besides, it supports up to more than 30 currencies. The manager can configure one currency as the base currency and then add other currencies. Users just need to choose the currency they want to see, the system will automatically convert according to the latest rates between currencies.

Check out the WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin DEMO for the best experience

Here are some highlight features about this plugin

  • Easily Booking just one click
  • Unlimited the number of hotels
  • Add Review
  • Presentation facilities: Amenities, Image Gallery, Rates, Extra Services, tag
  • Responsive for mobile
  • Integrated google map
  • Custom Fields for Advanced Search

2. WP Hotel Booking

The WP Hotel Booking plugin is an awesome solution for building and managing a WordPress hotel booking website. This WordPress plugin comes with all the necessary tools for building room listings, managing rooms, and making online reservations through most of the popular payment gateways such as Authorize.net and Stripe.

One of the most interesting features is the plugin that allows adding unlimited rooms with necessary description, photo gallery, amenities (unfortunately not classified amenities), adult and child capacity. children, additional services, etc. Visitors will be able to find rooms without any hassles thanks to a few clicks sorted by the available search form.

Here are some highlight features about this plugin

  • Complete Hotel Booking System
  • Room Management
  • Bookings Management
  • Customer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Pricing Plans Management
  • Extra Packages Management
  • Block Special Date Management
  • Reports + Multilingual Ready

3. AweBooking – Hotel Booking System

Awebooking gives you the easiest way to book any rooms quickly, fun, and easily, rent a room with detailed services, receive online reservations. Awebooking is a well-coded plugin with a great user interface that's perfect for any hotel, hostel, hostel, BnB or any type of accommodation website.

Our customers will be impressed by how easy, fast and clear it is to use to check availability and submit booking requests.

Here are some of the outstanding features about this plugin

  • Room type and rooms
  • Many locations
  • Additional services
  • Amenities
  • Price management
  • Manage availability
  • Block date
  • Book multiple rooms
  • Manage reservations

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4. WP Hotelier

WordPress Hotel Booking

WP Hotelier is a hotel booking WordPress plugin, built especially for hotels, b & bs, and more. With WP Hotelier, you can manage hotel reservations inside your WordPress dashboard, accept online payments, choose between three different booking modes, receive email notifications, manage your amenities. room, seasonal or flat rate pricing, and more.

A reservation is created when the guest completes the reservation process or when the Administrator (or Hotel Manager) adds it manually. When a guest makes a reservation, the room's availability (availability) will automatically decrease.

Three different pricing options are supported out of the box: global pricing, different prices for each day of the week, and seasonal pricing.

Three different booking modes: instant booking, manual booking (requiring admin approval), and disabled booking.

Here are some of the outstanding features of this plugin

  • Accept payment
  • Advanced room settings
  • Seasonal prices
  • Discount incentives
  • Marked rooms are non-cancelable and non-refundable
  • List your rooms using the short code
  • Mail announcement

5. Oscar Hotel Booking Engine

WordPress Hotel Booking

Oscar Hotel booking Engine is a powerful WP Hotel booking plugin that can handle your booking processes independently and quickly. The booking plugin uses the calendar to display available dates to guests. Since it is fully integrated with the all-in-one Oscar Hotel Software solution, there is no need to create a database and put availability and pricing in the plugin. All that information is drawn from the Oscar system. So just sit back and relax and let Oscar take care of it all for you.

  • Reads up-to-date availability, prices, and restrictions from the PMS.
  • Adapts to your WordPress template.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Sends customized confirmation emails.
  • Available in 9 languages.
  • Online booking
  • A wide number of shortcodes
  • Email notifications upon reservation 

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What is the best WordPress hotel booking plugins you should go with?

With all this in mind, we hope that the short and quick review above will give you the right booking plugin. If you are still wondering and have not chosen a plugin like that, you can consult WP Hotel - a feature-rich WordPress hotel booking plugin with a powerful online booking system. You can try the DEMO here to experience it. 

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